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Rey & Sherry Garza

Bill & Linda Maisch

San Diego Dancing

Richard's Weekly Round Dance eMail

Dick Neumann's "One Stop Source"

Dancing Shadows

San Diego Square Dance Association

Palomar Square Dance Association

Back Country Square Dance Association

Balboa Park Dancers (Ballroom)

Dance Figures

Round Dance Figures at

Sears Round Dancing Manual

Ballroom Dancers Figures

Understanding the Technique

Cue Sheets

Rounds of the Quarter at Roundalab

Cue Sheets at

Roger Ward Cue Sheets

Rockin' R's Archive of Cue Sheets

Round Dance Server Cue Sheets


Glen & Helen's Dance Website (see instruction on website for access request)

Contact Art and Jacquie at to set up a personal account for their web site WASCA/Bennington Videos

Colorado Round Dance Association Dance Videos Links

Ballroom Dancers Videos of Figures

Conventions & Festivals

Square Dance Links at

General Information


International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association (ICBDA)

Southern California Squares and Rounds Web Site

Round Dance Teachers' Association of Southern California

Chris & Terri Cantrell's Dance Page

United Square Dancers of America

ARTS (Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-Dance)

Western Square Dancing Page

Index to the Square Dance World

Square Dance Associations in the US

Square Dance Festivals in the US

European Callers and Teachers Association

San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau

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